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Information Technology, Master's Program

Degree: Master of Engineering
Duration: 1.5 years
Extent: 60 ECTS
Study places: 30
Campus: Bulevardi 31, Helsinki

Next application period:
16 March - 6 April 2016

Application instructions

Why study with us?

Looking for new career prospects? Interested to broaden your knowledge in Information Technology? Need new skills to deal with upcoming challenges?

Our aim is to educate you to work in advanced specialist tasks in the field of ICT, focusing on using modern tools and methods. The studies enable you to follow the professional development of the field, both from the applied research and practical viewpoints.

The program is targeted for professionals in working life wishing to become a Master in Information Technology. Studies are designed and implemented in such a way that the students in full-time employment can participate.

Our intercultural program is conducted in English to allow improvement of your communication skills. Your Master's degree will directly refer to your real life project and address both your company's and your personal interest. The teaching is aimed at professionals with a wide industry background.

Program content (preliminary)

The degree consists of Professional Studies (30 ECTS credits) and Master’s thesis project (30 ECTS credits). Studies consist of lectures, laboratory work, assignments, and projects as well as independent studying. The professional studies are offered at the Bulevardi campus.

In the first study year, you will undertake a course in research methods and attend a seminar on Trends in ICT, and complete 20 ECTS from our course offerings for professional studies and one (optional) elective course.

The methodological studies provide you the required knowledge to prepare and facilitate a high quality Master’s Thesis. The lectures on Trends in ICT -course are given by professionals from highly esteemed companies in the field of ICT and will provide you with a good understanding of the current status of the business and the challenges the industry is facing.

The elective courses cover most of the current aspects in IT and you need to complete at least three courses (15 ECTS credits) from this offering. You can broaden your studies by completing one course outside the IT-courses offering or by doing a research or innovation project on an agreed topic.

The second study year (autumn) is reserved for the Master´s Thesis. The study is usually completed in cooperation with your employer.

A complete list of course offerings will be announced before the application period starts.

Your competence portfolio after you completed MEng degree

  • Broad view to information technology presented by leading companies in the ICT field
  • Up-to-date knowledge on selected topics
  • Ability to conduct a professional research study
  • Valuable network of experts to boost your career

Career Prospects

After graduating with a Master of Engineering Degree in Information Technology, you may work in advanced specialist tasks in international engineering surroundings of ICT industries.

Timetable 2015 - 2016 (preliminary)

Autumn 2015 courses last from week 36 to 51, and spring 2016 courses from week 2 to 18. Courses will typically (depends on selected courses) take place during one afternoon and one or two evenings per week. Common courses are planned for Monday evenings and start at 17.00.

Open University of Applied Sciences

Open University of Applied Sciences (Open UAS) gives you an opportunity to study all the elective courses of the Master's Degree Programme in Information Technology.

Open UAS gives you an opportunity to:

  • build up on your knowhow and skills needed in working life
  • study as a hobby
  • learn about studying at a University of Applied Sciences
  • carry out courses before applying for a degree programme

For more information and how to apply Open UAS