Logistics Management,
Master's Degree

Degree: Master of Engineering

Duration: 1 year

Extent: 60 ECTS

Transfer application: 1 - 15 May
1 - 15 November
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Master's program in Logistics Management (no intake in 2018)

Master's program in Logistics Management will have no intake of students in 2018. (The program becomes part of Industrial Management Master's program starting from 1 September 2018). Welcome to apply and get logistics competences from the Industrial Management program

Logistics Management studies focus on developing competitive advantage with the help of logistics and related functions. Logistics Management studies are tailored for engineers who need to combine technical knowledge with management competences and understanding of advanced logistics processes. Read more how our graduates tell about their experiences and career development

Logistics Management studies are designed for full-time working professionals, to study along a full-time job. The studies continue for 1 year and consist of one autumn term, in September-December, and the spring term focused on the Master's project, in January-May. See the timetable for 2018-2019 from here

Logistics Management studies rely on real-life business cases, include professional discussions, and require presence in class for about 1,5 days each week in the autumn, and 2-3 Fridays a month in the spring. Starting from 1 September 2018, logistics management studies become part Industrial Management Master's program, with the graduation in 1 year, at the end of May 2019. The graduates will gain a ‘Master of Engineering’ degree (MEng) in Industrial Management that corresponds to a diplomi-insinööri, EQF7 European level degree from a science university.


Logistics management studies in 2017-2018 include the following modules:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Advanced Transportation Systems and eCommerce
  • Advanced IntraLogistics
  • Strategy, Management and Leadership - See video from Dr. Thomas Rohweder
  • Performance management - See video about the Business game from Veijo Kyösti
  • Technical Sales/ Process Develoment (either of these is selected)
  • Master’s Thesis (including Methodological skills) - See video introduction from Dr. Marjatta Huhta

Graduates' and Students' Stories

Jing Zhang (Cherry)
Metos Oy

"After my graduation from a Logistics management Bachelor's program, I have been working in the logistics field for over 10 years, also in different countries. When I came across this program, I felt it is the time to move forward and develop myself further. The program turned out to be so well-planned, that all it needs from a student is his/her personal commitment. There are plenty of assignments that keep us busy, but we are never left alone. The faculty members are always with us, and they pour all their hearts into the program and give us excellent support whenever we need. Although a 9-month Master’s program sounds impossible, they make it possible for us. This journey is short and definitely not easy. It requires commitment, real efforts and a little bit of sisu!  But the results are rewarding". 

Sebastiaan Arkesteijn
Logistics Management Specialist
Enersense International Oy

"For me as a logistics professional from the Netherlands, Metropolia's Logistics Master's program exceeded my expectations. All courses include exciting lectures and presentations from multinational Finnish companies discussing the latest technologies in the industry. The support and dedication of both teachers and students create an inspiring study environment that will keep you engaged and challenge you, in a positive way, throughout your studies". 

Olli Oka
Development Manager
Transval Oy

"Logistics Master’s Program widened my perspective of logistics. I have been working with in-house logistics, and this Program gave me a perspective on what happens around, for instance, in global supply chains and management strategy. These concepts are highly applicable in my current work.  Logistics Master’s has a tight schedule, but it is well planned and managed. It has a project-like structure which helps in organizing your studies. Program has a good team of teachers who are experts in their field and know how to get the point across to the students! In addition, all the teachers and students stay together throughout the year. This gives you a feeling that completing this program is a team work".

Linda Luoma
Operational service specialist
Varova Oy

"The Logistics Master program has been an excellent opportunity to boost my existing knowledge to a whole new Master's level. In addition, being surrounded by fellow professionals has broaden my perspective of thinking and ways to approaching new cases both in the classroom and in the office".

Esa Ojala
Technical Commodity Manager
ABB Oy, Motors and Generators

“After working 10 years at several international positions, I decided to update my education by doing a Masters’ program. I selected Metropolia’s Logistics since it includes interesting topics, especially Supply Chain Management that is directly linked to my current job. I also believe these studies will develop my professional know-how and boost my career to the next level. I can recommend the Logistics Master’s to all who are motivated to study intensively since the Program combines full-time jobs with one-two contacts days each week”.

Mikko Hirvonen
Quality & Development Manager
Konecranes Finland Oy

“I have chosen Logistics Master’s to expand my current knowledge and especially to get an upper level view of the supply chain and its elements. The autumn period has been very motivating and there has been a lot to do, and it really helped that our professional and dedicated lecturers have pushed us forward. Already the first autumn months show that the Logistics Master’s studies will definitely give me new tools to apply in work life to be a better leader and expert”.

MEDIA about Logistics management studies

MEDIA about the program - 'HELINS' magazine, pages 26-27

Ask about the studies

Juha Haimala
Head of Industrial Management Department
Tel. +358 40 678 6776
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Zinaida Grabovskaia
Senior lecturer, Program head
Tel. +358 40 198 4008
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Scholarships and tuition fees

Annual tuition fee for Master's Degree in Logistics is 11 000 €. The fee concerns only non-EU/EEA degree students. Read more about tuition fees and scholarships