Sustainable future is built on competence and innovative solutions

The sustainability crisis is real. We are making substantial contributions and have created a detailed plan to integrate sustainable development into all our activity.
Join us on our journey towards change that affects us and, through us, the entire world.
Read from our first sustainability report how we made progress on our sustainability journey during 2022.

Metropolia 2030 - We are accelerating the change towards a sustainable society

We approach change comprehensively and from a human-centered perspective. Our community of 18,000 would make us the 66th largest city in Finland. We therefore have a great responsibility and opportunity to make a difference towards a sustainable future.
Our roadmap will guide our activity and will set ambitious goals for our journey towards 2030.

1. Responsibility for our own activities

Our activities are ecologically, socially and financially sustainable.

2. Continuous learning

Everyone at Metropolia will get sustainability know-how

3. Solutions

We build sustainable solutions together with our partners.
Metropolia will be carbon neutral
within 2030
Responsibility for our own activity

A responsible higher education community

Sustainable development guides all our thinking and actions. To us, it means responsibility for people, the environment and the economy.
square meters
Towards a sustainable operational environment.
0.2% Waste and wastewater
2.5% Business travel
5.4% Production of fuels and transmission losses
6.5% Construction and property maintenance
8.0% Heating
21% Procurement
0.1% Others
56% Commuting to campuses
Ecological sustainability

Carbon neutral Metropolia 2030

We will expand our carbon footprint calculations
We will lower our emissions systematically
by 2030
We will offset emissions we cannot reduce.
Staff diversity 2022
Staff average age
48,9 years
Share of women in managerial positions

Responsible and people-centered leadership

We will put our Equality and Non-Discrimination Plan into practice
2023 - 2024
We invest in safety and well-being of our staff and students

Sustainable growth

We make all investments and procurement according to responsibility principles
All of our financial investments are according to responsibility principles


Our roadmap covers the most impactful objectives, activities and indicators for our sustainability work.
"We have founded professional teams focusing on the themes of sustainable development and a network of sustainable development including both students and staff - working groups include almost 80 individuals."
Continuous learning

Everyone at Metropolia will get sustainability know-how

We will integrate sustainable development into all of our education.
We will invest in sustainability skills of our staff.
We will build individual learning solutions for different stages of life.
The number of theses focusing on sustainable development in the year 2022
189 pcs
Our Target

Raising awareness for sustainable development

Our objective is that all members of our higher education community, both students and staff, are experts in sustainable development.
A current state analysis on sustainability in teaching is conducted in all Metropolia's degree programs during 2022, in order to integrate sustainability contents into all of our education.
Metropolia's staff will take a basic course in sustainable develoment during 2022.
Metropolia has been developing the SIMHE initiative since the year 2016 - the number of students taking part in the initiative has grown significantly.
Get to know SIMHE
Our Actions

Simhe Metropolia - Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education

In the year 2022, we supported 1335 highly trained immigrants living in Finland through individual and group guidance sessions at the career counseling services .
Our Actions

Agenda 2030 -analysis tool

This tool, produced in partnership with Metropolia, Headai and Eduix Oy, shows the contents of the Metropolia syllabi in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Our roadmap covers the most impactful objectives, activities and indicators for our sustainability work.
"With us, every student from engineer to paramedic learns new skills and thinking to be applied to society and companies. We offer not only the keys to implement, but also to create and develop new and sustainable solutions."
Ecosystem co-operation promoting platforms on campus
10 pcs
RDI projects underway annually
100 pcs

Innovative solutions to sustainability challenges

Climate change, traffic, health services, urbanization and construction are current challenges, for which we are developing sustainable solutions in our innovation hubs.
Solutions are created through innovation and research and in cooperation with different actors in society

Urban Farm Lab

Of the world population in the year 2050
over 30 % live in cities
Urban Farm Lab solves nutritional challenges of the urban environment with urban food technology.


Buildings cause over
30 % of all emissions
SmartLab is a smart home platform where the fields of property and construction are renewed by testing and developing solutions for user-friendly housing for different stages of the lifecycle.


In 2030 in Finland there will be
40 % more
85-year-olds and the need for social and healthcare services will grow.
In the HyMy-Village, individual health and wellness services are created for the growing need in support for ageing.

Sohjoa Baltic robot buses

Urban traffic trips are expected to increase
trips over the next 10 years.
Sohjoa Baltic -robot buses will electrify public transport in densely populated areas.


Our roadmap covers the most impactful objectives, activities and indicators for our sustainability work.
Sustainability report 2022
Metropolia's second sustainability report describes the progress towards the sustainability goals and measures and the results of the 2022 sustainability work.
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Metropolia contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Read about the most relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals for Metropolia: what they mean at Metropolia and how we have promoted them in our own everyday activities.
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Metropolia's solutions to save energy
Metropolia is involved in the national Down a Degree campaign, promoting the official messages of the campaign and committing to making energy-saving measures.
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The UN Sustainable Development Goals guide our actions

To us, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are not just a declaration. We have identified eight most relevant SDGs from our 2030 strategy. Our roadmap is built on these goals. See how each goal is integrated in our everyday life.

UN Sustainable Development Goals at Metropolia

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