Metropolia’s Sustainability Report 2022 has been published

11.5.2023 - 16:00

Metropolia's sustainability report presents our work on sustainable development, goals and achievements during the reporting year.

Our sustainability work is steered by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Metropolia strategy 2021–2030, the expectations of our stakeholders and our sustainability roadmap.

In 2022 we invested in sustainability expertise, which is at the core of our operations as a university. Over the year 2022, we reviewed how sustainable development is currently visible in our degree programmes. A solid foundation has been laid for continuing development work towards our impactful goal of ensuring that every Metropolia graduate is an expert of sustainable development. We also developed the expertise of our staff: two thirds of our staff completed a basic course in sustainability in 2022.

We also updated Metropolia's value based to feature sustainable development more prominently. Based on this value update, we also created a code of conduct to guide our operations. Both the values and the code of conduct were drafted in collaboration with the entire university community.

Sustainability Highlights in 2022


“Sustainability work means constant development. We believe success requires wide-ranging cooperation both within our university community and with outside partners. In 2023, we will focus on integrating code of conduct into Metropolia's everyday operations, integrating sustainable development into education, developing our procurement into a more sustainable direction and drafting a roadmap for emission reduction in 2030”, says Sustainable Development Manager Elli Ojala.

The Sustainability Report has been published as part of Metropolia's publications on Theseus. The report was written by Elli Ojala, Laura Pekkarinen and Marianne Vainikka. In addition, texts were requested from specialists from across the organization. In the future, Metropolia will publish annually sustainability report and its content will be developed as the sustainability work progresses.

Read Metropolia’s Sustainability Report 2022.