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How to Apply to Student Exchange 2014-2015

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Practical information for incoming exchange students in the Study Guide, for example:

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Exchange Student in Metropolia

Nuria Rodriguez Lago:

I came to Helsinki to study Film and Television as an exchange student. During the first days it was definitely a really fast adaptation thanks to the tutor service and Metropolia's international coordinators.

I arrived in Finland with the first snow of the winter. When I remember our tutors waiting for us at the airport, I can only feel grateful. They had previously picked up our apartment keys and they traveled with us to our new home.

Their support didn´t finish there. They had thought of all the important and useful things for a newcomer.  It is really good to know you have somebody close to you who can help you and resolves your doubts.

I also liked the multiculturalism of the tutor service. From day one you can meet people from different nationalities that have lived in a similar situation to yours and you also meet Finnish students. It was really a good and enriching experience.

How to Apply to Student Exchange 2014-2015

exchange student

Step 1: Partner Institutions

Check if your institution has a mobility agreement with Metropolia in your field of study:

If there is no student exchange agreement between Metropolia and your home institution, you cannot apply as an exchange student to Metropolia. However, you can apply as an open university student (non-exchange/non-graduate student). More information at the Open Studies website. If you are interested in completing a full degree at Metropolia, see How to Apply.

Step 2: Instructions for Each Field of Study

In order to successfully complete studies at Metropolia, level B2 in English on the CEFR scale is highly recommended for all applicants. Please note that this evaluation is based on self-assessment; we do not require certificates of language skills.

In addition, see information and requirements for each field of study in the fact sheets:

Step 3: Nomination by Home Institution

Have your student exchange period approved by your home institution. Before you can fill in the application for student exchange at Metropolia, your home institution needs to nominate you for exchange.

Step 4: Application

Apply during the application periods for the incoming exchange students:

  • Applications for the Autumn Semester 2014 and the Full Academic Year 2014-2015:
    15 March - 1 May
  • Applications for the Spring Semester 2015:
    15 September - 1 November

Fill in the electronic application form in the Mobility-Online system within the application period. Note that the application process includes several steps: the online application form is just the first step. The link will be active during the application periods:

The required documents for the application:

  • Official Transcript of Records in English signed by the representative of your home institution (your study transcript)
  • Learning Agreement (your preliminary study plan for your exchange period)
    • Erasmus students: please use the English version of the Learning Agreement form of your home institution. You can leave the contact details of the receiving institution empty.
    • Other incoming exchange students (e.g. generally students from outside Europe, FIRST, Nordplus): please use this Learning Agreement.
  • Photo (500x500 pixels)
  • Motivation letter included in the application form (max. 1,000 characters incl. spaces)
  • If you are a student of the following fields, please check below the special documents required for your application

Special Documents

Students will receive an automatic confirmation after sending the online application form successfully.

Step 5: Application for Housing

HOAS Student Housing application period starts on April 1 / October 1 - send a separate housing application as early as possible. More information on housing in the Study Guide.

Step 6: Confirmation of Acceptance

Within a month after the application period has ended all students will receive information whether they have been accepted as exchange students or not. Accepted students will receive an information package and an invitation / acceptance letter.

Step 7: Arrival

All exchange students are expected arrive before the orientation (see Academic Calendar). After arrival, you might have to modify your Learning Agreement for a variety of reasons: timetable clashes, unsuitability of chosen courses (in level or content), etc. Changes to the Learning Agreement can then be made using the second page of the Learning Agreement (pdf).

Questions? Contact the international coordinator of your field of study.

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