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Founded in 2000, Metropolia Motorsport Formula Engineering team is an RDI-project of Metropolia UAS. Each year we design, manufacture, and assemble a formula type race car to participate in Formula SAE competitions. In 2011 our team started the transition from combustion to electric race cars and our first electric car was finished in 2013, which made us the first and currently the only Finnish Formula Student team competing in the electric class.

Our team consists only of students and this project encompasses all aspects of business including research, design, manufacturing, testing, developing, marketing, management, and fundraising. Therefore, to ensure the success of the project, the team must consist of members with all kinds of knowledge and skills, and students from every field of studies are welcome to join.

Research and development

In 2019 we decided to start designing our first four-wheel drive race car, that will be completed in the spring of 2021. We have designed a two-step planetary gear set to our car. Designing a working transmission configuration has been challenging due to restrictions in available space and manufacturing processes. This is an area that can be improved by future team members, which is a brilliant opportunity for engineering students to develop their skills and learn new things.

The four-wheel drive system is implemented by using four electric motors, one for each wheel. Because of this, we are able to use torque vectoring, which allows the torque of each wheel to be adjusted separately. With this kind of system, we get additional torque around the car’s vertical axis to increase performance and stability. With torque vectoring we get better response to driver’s steering inputs.

With electric powertrain it is possible to get better, more accurate and faster traction control system than in traditional combustion race cars. An electric four-wheel drive race car provides lots of opportunities to study vehicle dynamics and develop different electronic stability controls.

Our newly developed telemetry system allows us to track the vehicle’s state and observe important sensors in real time on track. This opens opportunities for example in troubleshooting and monitoring the state of the vehicle. Telemetry also allows us to communicate with the driver if they should change their behaviour and share information about potential issues.

The next development for our car will be to make it autonomous, which will require expanding our electrical, software, and vehicle dynamics teams.

Become a Partner

By becoming our partner, you and your company are supporting Finnish engineering students. Our know-how itself isn’t enough to build a race car and we strongly rely on financial and material sponsorships. In exchange, we offer different levels of partnerships that include different levels of visibility in our car, social media, clothing and in different kinds of events.

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