Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Degree Programme in Music stands for the highest standards of musical and pedagogical excellence.

As a dynamic leader in the classical and pop/jazz field, the Metropolia Music Degree Programme is continuously innovating to meet future challenges. By applying novel approaches to music pedagogy in harmony with the evolution of instrumental music tradition, the institute promotes musical performance and pedagogy in a variety of contexts. A key part of our approach is the collaboration with the rich and varied music and cultural life in and around Helsinki through innovative R & D and working life projects.

Musical productions and instrumental expertise are at the heart of our students’ education. The process includes production of recitals, chamber music, Metropolia-orchestra, opera, pop/jazz bands, and music theatre connected to projects in schools, music institutes and social services.

Our students experience a truly multi-disciplinary environment via co-operation with other Metropolia degree programmes, such as Film and Television, Performing arts, Cultural Management, Design, Conservation, Fashion and Clothing, and Media and Well-being. National and international professional links ensure that our students are highly equipped for the creative environments in which they will work.

Music students graduate as Bachelors of Culture and Arts, specializing in Music Education (Music Educator) or Music (Musician). Both Bachelor’s degrees are also available as continuing education for adults for those with previous work experience and/or higher education qualifications. This flexible range of undergraduate programmes offers high-level training that provides the springboard to a professional career or further study.

Metropolia prides itself on the distinction of its musically active and pedagogically innovative teaching staff, which is devoted to the profession of music.

Tuition in this degree programme is in Finnish.

More information: The Music Degree Programme webpage in Finnish

Contact information

Lea Vartiainen
Head of Degree Programme
lea.vartiainen [at]

Anna Finstad
Programme Coordinator (application process)
anna.finstad [at]

Paula Turkkila
Head of School of Cultural Services and Music
paula.turkkila [at]