Myyrmäki Campus will be doubled

Myyrmäki Campus now

On Metropolia's Myyrmäki Campus in Vantaa operate engineering and business studies and related activities. So called Building A was built in 1988 and Building B in 2002.

The ongoing building of extension of the campus will double the size of the campus and number of students by 2018.

Extension of Myyrmäki Campus

The number of students and the size of the campus will double by 2018. There will be 3500 students and 230 staff members operating on the campus in the fields of Industrial Technologies and International Business.

First piles were driven of the extension of the Myyrmäki Campus in April, 2016. The building phase will start in September 2016.

A four-storey new building will be located on a former parking lot of the present site, and it will be integrated to present buildings A and B, which are in use throughout the construction phase of the extension.

The new building will include various technical facilities to be used by Automotive, Mechanical, Electrical and Automation Engineering Degree Programmes. The campus restaurant and the library will move to the new building to meet the increasing demand.

Parking and access to the Myyrmäki Campus during building extension 2016-2018

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Project Director
Mr. Simo Hoikkala
tel. +358 50 366 0545