Webinar & workshop 13.12.2023 at 9:30-13:00 (EET)

Lifelong Learning & Future Textile and Clothing Education for Sustainability

The interim results of the Erasmus+ SusTexEdu project

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13 Dec 2023
09.30 - 13.00


Free of charge

  • SusTexEdu

Thank you for participating the SusTexEdu webinar!

The Erasmus+ SusTexEdu project aims to research and enchance education of textile and clothing materials, sustainability and circular economy.

The interim results of the project are presented in the webinar: 'Lifelong Learning & Future Textile and Clothing Education for Sustainability'.

Presented topics included:

  • lifelong learning and micro-credential development in Europe.
  • the competence needs & gaps in the textile and clothing industry identified in the SusTexEdu project.
  • future education of textile materials, textile technology, sustainability and circular economy.
  • SusTexEdu concept and small learning units that have been developed based on the competence needs.

The webinar was followed by an online workshop for testing the SusTexEdu learning units and giving feedback on the SusTexEdu learning concept. Thanks to all of you, who attended and shared your valuable views and feedback!

Contact info: marja.amgwerd (at) metropolia.fi


9:30-9:40 (EET) Welcome

9:40-10:05 Micro-credential development in Europe // Marjaana Mäkelä, Haaga-Helia UAS - link to the presentation

10:05-10:30 Presentation of the SusTexEdu project and the education concept // Marja Amgwerd, Metropolia UAS - link to the presentation

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-11:15 Competence needs and gaps report in the textile and clothing sector // Tarja Lang, Omnia - link to the presentation

11:15-11:45 Creating micro-credentials for textile and clothing education in the SusTexEdu project // Ahsan Shafiq

11:45-12:00 Break

12:00-13:00 Workshop: Testing the SusTexEdu learning units // Essi Karell, Metropolia UAS