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The transforming world and society need a new kind of higher education

With our new strategy, we aim for making a stronger impact for the benefit of society, by putting people first. Our strategic intent is to be a bold reformer of expertise and an active builder of a sustainable future. To achieve the strategic intent, we have chosen five themes to which we will invest in the coming years:

  • Lifelong learning
  • Phenomenon-based innovation hubs
  • Sustainable development and growth
  • People and culture
  • Digitalization

We implement our strategy responsibly, openly and in wide-ranging cooperation, across borders.

Strategy leans on our values, which are transparency, community spirit, high quality and expertise.

Contents of the infographics are explained on the text.

Our strategic core

Lifelong learning

Future skills and individual learning solutions for different situations of life.

Phenomenon-based innovation hubs

Innovative solutions for the future - created together.

Guiding our actions 


Sustainable development and growth

Sustainable development guides our actions and way of thinking. Most importantly, it means taking responsibility for people and environment.

Sustainable development and growth

Enablers of success 

People and culture

Sustainable renewal with people-oriented culture.


Agility and efficiency with digital capability.

For further information, please contact 

Director Eeva Viitanen, see profile on People Finder