Metropolia’s Code of Conduct

What is a code of conduct and who does it apply to?

All activities of Metropolia are based on a strategy and jointly determined values that guide the activities of the university. These values demonstrate what we at Metropolia consider fair and worth pursuing. The values are effective simultaneously – individual values cannot be used as justification for ignoring the other values.

Ethical principles derived from the values determine a set of rules that govern our activities (Code of Conduct), and which each person at Metropolia must comply with. The ethical principles have been drawn up jointly with the entire university community, and they are reviewed at regular intervals.

The Code of Conduct applies to each member of our community: the students, the personnel, the Board of Directors, and our partners. The Management Group and President of Metropolia are responsible for ensuring the fulfilment of the Code of Conduct.

Metropolia's Board of Directors has approved this Code of Conduct on 21 December 2022.

Riitta Konkola

“The Code of Conduct functions as a shared set of rules and helps us all operate in an ethical and fair manner every day. An ethical working culture requires responsibility and ownership from everyone, and the manner in which we choose to act each day is important. Together we can build a stronger Metropolia.”

Riitta Konkola, President, President & CEO of Metropolia

Metropolia’s value base

Ethical principles are derived from jointly defined values. Metropolia's values ​​are

  • Towards a sustainable future
  • With an orientation on solution
  • With competence renewal
  • With a human touch

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Enforcement of the Code of Conduct

Metropolia's Management Group monitors the implementation of and the feedback on the Code of Conduct regularly and reports its conclusions to Metropolia's Board of Directors every six months. The Code of Conduct is reviewed and updated every six months, as necessary.

Each new employee is familiarized with the Code of Conduct as part of their induction and all new students as part of their orientation. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their unit complies with the Code of Conduct. The ethical competence of the entire university community is maintained and supported.

What should I do in case of a problem?

If you observe a situation where this Code of Conduct is breached in your opinion or observe any activity that violates the spirit of our ethical principles, bring the matter to the attention of the relevant party. If you feel that you are unable to do so, discuss the issue with your teacher or supervisor. If this is also not possible, you can provide feedback anonymously.

You can provide feedback

with the general contact form

students' e-form

Feedback can be provided anonymously through both channels. Each message is treated confidentially. Do however provide contact information if you wish to receive a response to your feedback. We encourage everyone to include their name when bringing up shortcomings, as we will be better able to investigate and intervene in the situation if we can discuss it with you. There are no consequences for the reporter for reporting an incident.

Metropolia will implement a whistleblowing channel in the spring of 2023.