Metropolia’s value base

Metropolia’s activities are based on our strategy and mutually defined values that guide everything we do. Our values reflect what we consider to be right and what we should aim for at Metropolia.

Metropolia carried out a renewal of its values in the spring of 2022. The two-stage process saw the participation of about one thousand Metropolia students and staff, as well as gaining input from the stakeholders. As a result Metropolia decided to begin using the more expansive term ‘value base’, which refers to a base upon which our strategy-driven operations are built. The value base sums up all the key perspectives that were raised during the process.

Towards a sustainable future

Sustainable development is the foundation of all our activities. To us, it means taking responsibility of the people, the environment, and the economy. We take responsibility of our activities and expedite the transition toward a sustainable society. Responsibility for ensuring the habitability of Earth gives meaning and a direction to our activities. Metropolia will become carbon neutral by the year 2030.

With an orientation on solution

We identify solutions to everyday problems as well as societal and global challenges through extensive cooperation with our partners. We innovate solutions quickly and curiously try them out in practice while also allowing for mistakes. We are excited by joint innovation and learning!

In our day-to-day activities, solution-orientation means constant anticipation and an aspiration to identify sustainable solutions to phenomenon-based and anthropogenic challenges. At Metropolia, we are all solution-creators. We are proud of our expertise, which is characterized by sustainable development know-how and by a desire and the ability to solve challenges facing working life and the society.

With competence renewal

The changing world and society challenge our university of applied sciences as well as each member of our community to continue to reinvent and learn new things. Learner- and phenomenon-based learning, as well as increasingly diverse forms of learning that take place in different areas of life and ecosystems become key to the creation of a sustainable tomorrow.

Our entire community is constantly learning. The skills and knowledge of both our students and personnel are renewed, without compromising on quality. We have the courage to think differently.

With a human touch

The people and an appreciation of each other’s diversity is at the core of all our activities. We aim to ensure equity in all our activities. Our cooperation is based on transparency and trust. We promote the wellbeing and safety of each member of our community.