Metropolia has a long history with equality and non-discrimination work - the first equality plan was published on year 2009 and the first non-discrimination plan on year 2010. Equality is part of our daily lives and actions and it’s the responsibility of all units as well as individuals to ensure it happens.

Based on values and strategic goals

Metropolia’s work for promoting equality and equal opportunities and its non-discrimination plan are based on Metropolia’s joint values and strategic goals. Metropolia’s values – expertise, transparency, high quality and community spirit – form the cornerstone of everything we do. Our strategic intent is to be a bold reformer of expertise and an active builder of the future. We want to contribute to the development of society through continuous learning and innovations.

People and our culture form the basis for our success. We invest in a dialogue-based operating culture that values diversity. We encourage agile learning, creativity and bold experiments. We have a people-oriented culture when dealing with our students, our customers and one another.

Equality and non-discrimination work in practice

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences aims to offer everyone an equal and accessible operating environment. People working in various duties and students and employees with various backgrounds are treated equally and they are given equal opportunities to participate in and influence the operations of the UAS. There is a fair, safe and good working atmosphere at Metropolia.

When equality and non-discrimination are realised at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

  • every member of the UAS staff has similar rights and obligations and equal opportunities to develop and advance their career
  • everyone has an opportunity to influence and participate in the development and planning of operations
  • all applicants are treated equally when recruiting employees or selecting students
  • all students are offered equal opportunities to study in teaching situations
  • teaching, studying and guidance are developed in such a way that equality and non-discrimination are transparent principles in all learning and guidance activities
  • the assessment of study performance is based on published, clearly defined learning outcomes and assessment criteria
  • communications are transparent and accessible to all
  • the remuneration system is developed so as to support equal and fair pay.

Metropolia’s Promoting Good Behaviour (Hyvä käytös kunniaan), The Metropolia Way guideline and Student Union METKA’s equality guideline and plan support the realisation of equality and non-discrimination plan by providing guidance to situations where inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour is encountered.

This equality and non-discrimination plan applies to all persons studying or working at Metropolia. It is the responsibility of the entire UAS community to ensure that the equality and non-discrimination work succeeds.

See our Equality and Non-discrimination Plan (pdf).

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