Studying should be your main focus during your stay in Finland. However, with the student's residence status, you have the right to work part-time alongside your studies (average of 25 hours/week during the academic semester). You have full freedom to work when Metropolia does not offer tuition, i.e. in the summer and during the Christmas break. (See up-to-date regulations on the Finnish Immigration Service website.)

While it may be possible to cover part of your living expenses doing part-time work, it is not necessarily easy to find a part-time job, especially if you do not speak Finnish (or Swedish language skills, in some areas of Finland). Many job ads are published only in Finnish or Swedish and local language skills are often required. Generally speaking, you should not count on part-time work as your sole source of student financing.

Do make sure to check what your current residence permit / registration status allows you to do and what the taxation regulations are for your case!

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