Work Placement or
Clinical Practice

Scope and Content

The work placement is an essential part of studies at the university of applied sciences. The degree comprehends 30-120 ECTS credits of work placement depending on the degree programme. The aim of the work placement is to support the student's professional development towards expertness. More detailed objectives, requirements, execution and assessment have been determined in each of the degree programmes. The work placement can be carried out in Finland or abroad.

The work placement is a goal-oriented process, during which the student learns professional skills and practices set by working life. The target of the work placement is to familiarise the student with the practical tasks in his or her field of study and learn how to combine theory and practice. In addition, the student gains experience about professional life which supports his or her professional development and career choices, and builds up his or her professional identity.

The work placement offers a good opportunity to create new connections and networks which helps in future job searching (e.g. final project, summer job, graduate job).

Acquiring the Placement

The student carries out the work placement under the guidance and supervision of the university of applied sciences and the employer according to the training objectives of each degree programme. The institution assists and guides the student to complete the training process successfully. Health Care and Social Services have their own specified practices on how to carry out the work placement (clinical practice) and how to find the placement.

However, generally it is the student's responsibility to search and acquire the work placement. Taking an active role, such as making a plan for the job search and getting in touch with employers, often leads to a good result.

Job and placement ads directed especially to Metropolia students can be found in the Metropolia intranet OMA and Jobiili, the joint employment service of the Finnish universities of applied sciences.

Additional Information

For applicants:

  • Curricula > Work placement/ Clinical practice (term varies between the programmes)
  • Career Services
  • Jobiili - Employment service of the Finnish universities of applied sciences (Information service)

For current students, there is information available also

  • in the intranet OMA:
    • Materials > For Student > Work placement
    • Vacancies 
  • Jobiili - Employment Service of the Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (Information service + Employment services)