International Relations

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is one of the most international universities of applied sciences in Finland. International activities at Metropolia include international degree programmes, student and teacher mobility, work placement opportunities abroad and various projects.

In addition, the teaching in foreign languages, international degree students, lecturers and exchange students create a genuinely international atmosphere at Metropolia.

Metropolia has 15 international degree programmes in which the language of instruction is English. Over 1100 international degree students, who represent more than 90 different nationalities, study at Metropolia every year. In addition to the international degree students, Metropolia welcomes over 320 exchange students every year from partner institutions of higher education from all over the world.

Active Erasmus+ institution

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) for the years 2014-2020. The charter confirms that Metropolia can participate in Erasmus+ mobility and projects.

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Metropolia's Erasmus+ activities cover mobility cooperation with an extensive network of European institutions. In addition, Metropolia has received Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility funding with the following partner institutions outside the European higher education area:

Moreover, Metropolia coordinates and is a partner in several Erasmus+ strategic partnerships and capacity building projects.

ECTS based study system

Metropolia uses the criteria of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) as the basis for high quality curriculum design. Metropolia was also awarded the ECTS Label for the years 2013-2016 as a recognition of high quality and transparency of studies.

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  • Partner institutions

    Every year, collaboration with the international partners of Metropolia hundreds of students and dozens of teachers from Metropolia and partner institutions to attend an international exchange period.

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  • Networks

    Metropolia is a member in several international networks.

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  • Student Exchange

    Metropolia also welcomes exchange students from our partner universities all over the world. Every year about 400 exchange students enjoy their semester or academic year at Metropolia.

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  • Teacher and staff exchance

    Teacher and staff exchanges are important forms of international co-operation. Metropolia welcomes teachers from partner universities and organisations for variety of international weeks and summer schools, which are organized annually.

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Contact Information


Ms Terhi Topi, International Coordinator
address: Leiritie 1, 01600 Vantaa, Finland
tel +358 (0)40 652 7661
e-mail: terhi.topi(at)

  • Degree Programmes (Bachelor’s): Business and Administration, International Business and Logistics (tuition in English), European Management (tuition in English), European Business Administration (tuition in English)
  • Degree Programmes (Master’s): Business Informatics (tuition in English), Entrepreneurship and Business Competence

Culture and Creative Industries

Ms Kaisa Meghjee-Salminen, International Coordinator (incoming student exchange)
address: Hämeentie 135, 00560, Finland
tel +358 (0)40 673 8443
e-mail: kaisa.meghjee-salminen(at)

  • Degree Programmes (Bachelor’s): Film and Television, Live Performance Technology, Media (3D Animation, Digital Media, Graphic Design)
  • Degree Programmes (Master’s): Media Production and Management

Ms Tia-Maria Sjöblom, International Coordinator (outgoing student exchange)
address: Hämeentie 153 B, 00560 Helsinki, Finland
tel +358 (0)50 597 3249
e-mail: tia-maria.sjoblom(at)

  • Degree Programmes (Bachelor’s): Conservation, Cultural Management, Design (Industrial, Interior and Textile Design), Fashion and Clothing, Music
  • Degree Programmes (Master’s): Conservation, Cultural Management, Fashion and Clothing, Music

Health Care and Social Services

Ms Katariina Alava, International Coordinator
address: Tukholmankatu 10, 00290 Helsinki, Finland
tel +358 (0)40 653 3345
e-mail: katariina.alava(at)

  • Degree Programmes (Bachelor’s): Biomedical Laboratory Science, Emergency Care, Nursing (Nursing, Public Health Nursing, Midwifery), Nursing (tuition in English), Oral Hygiene, Radiography and Radiotherapy
  • Degree Programmes (Master’s): Clinical Expertise, Development and Leadership in Health Care and Social Services, Emergency and Critical Care Nursing (tuition in English), Health Business Management (tuition in English)

Ms Eija Tamminen, International Coordinator
address: Vanha viertotie 23, 00350 Helsinki, Finland
tel +358 (0)40 522 4911
e-mail: eija.tamminen(at)

  • Degree Programmes (Bachelor’s): Elderly Care, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Prosthetics & Orthotics, Social Services (tuition in English), Social Services
  • Degree Programmes (Master’s): Rehabilitation, Social Services


Ms Tiina Piipponen, International Coordinator (Leppävaara campus)
address: Vanha maantie 6, 02650 Espoo, Finland
tel +358 (0)40 772 2847
e-mail: tiina.piipponen(at)

  • Degree Programmes (Bachelor’s), in Espoo: Information Technology (tuition in English), Building Services Engineering, Construction Site Management, Industrial Management, Information and Communication Technology (Espoo and Helsinki), Land Surveying Technology
  • Degree Programmes (Master’s), in Espoo: Information Technology (tuition in English); Business Informatics (tuition in English); Building Services Engineering

Ms Anna-Liisa Auramo, International Coordinator (Helsinki and Vantaa campuses)
address: Bulevardi 31, 00180 Helsinki, Finland
tel +358 (0)40 356 3775
e-mail: anna-liisa.auramo(at)

  • Degree Programmes (Bachelor’s), in Helsinki: Automotive Engineering (Helsinki), Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering (Vantaa), Civil Engineering (Helsinki), Construction Architecture (Helsinki), Construction Site Management (Helsinki), Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology (Helsinki and Vantaa), Electronics (tuition in English, Helsinki), Energy and Environmental Engineering (Vantaa), Environmental Engineering (tuition in English, Vantaa),Laboratory Sciences (Vantaa), Mechanical Engineering (Helsinki), Sustainable Building Engineering (tuition in English, Helsinki)
  • Degree Programmes (Master’s): Construction and Real Estate Management (tuition in English, Helsinki), Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology (Helsinki and Vantaa)

Central Office

Ms Elina Värtö, Head of International Relations
address: Bulevardi 31, 00180 Helsinki, Finland
tel +358 40 480 6914
e-mail: elina.varto(at)

Ms Marika Antikainen, Erasmus Institutional Coordinator
address: Bulevardi 31, 00180 Helsinki, Finland
tel +358 (0)40 681 1244
e-mail: marika.antikainen(at)

Ms Jenni Leinonen, Planner
address: Bulevardi 31, 00180 Helsinki, Finland
tel +358 (0)50 331 4588
e-mail: jenni.leinonen(at)