The main objective of the project A-STEP 2030 (Attracting diverSe Talent to the Engineering Professions of 2030) is to develop new and innovative teaching approaches relevant to learners’ values yet appropriate to teach a new set of skills and competencies needed in the future. Our goal is to create an attractive and fascinating learning environment thereby encouraging young people with diverse backgrounds to engage in engineering studies and the profession as a whole.

Concrete outcome

  1. Determine future roles and skills requirements of engineers to enhance the sustainable development of society.
  2. Investigate the values and motivations of young people, students and adult learners to determine how this influences their future career choices and use this knowledge to make a career in engineering more attractive to all young people.
  3. Develop new and innovative teaching and learning practices to respond to these findings.

More information

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Press release 1st September 2021: A-STEP 2030 Summer School co-creates the Future of Engineering Education


Riitta Lehtinen, Project Manager
riitta.lehtinen [at]

Ulla-Maija Pekkola, Financial Manager
Ulla-Maija.Pekkola [at]