A day for excellent teaching, innovation and discussions became a highlight of the week

10.12.2020 - 09:00

Olli KoutonenOlli Koutonen is about to graduate as Master of Business Administration in Business Informatics.

Olli tells about his studies:

"As I am writing this text, it is currently my last week of studies as an MBA student in Metropolia’s Master´s programme in Business Informatics. It was the most interesting period of my life and career to combine full-time employment with studies.

The studies took place every second Friday full-day, and I will miss these days. Having a day for excellent teaching, innovation and discussions became a highlight for me, and these days provided a good counterbalance for stressful work weeks. My classmates work in different industries, and everyone has own stories to tell.

I was constantly surprised to notice how the programme courses walked together with my daily work and business environment. Whether we talked about business modelling in a competitive environment, business transformation and technology, or innovation in circular environments and responsibilities, I noticed that these subjects are currently happening every day. Previously, I was missing the required perspective, but now I have it with applicable capabilities in business analytics and management.

The Business Informatics program gave me confidence and broadened my perspective in the world of IT and analytics. I have already utilized my project management certification acquired in Metropolia in daily work, and vice versa, utilized my work environment certifications in my Master’s Thesis. Many of the things that I learned in school also became timely conversation starters at the coffee table at work, and some led to further innovation & analysis."

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