After Business Informatics studies I can implement everything I have learned at work

7.5.2020 - 09:00

Sami Virtala works as Advisor in Sofigate Services Oy. He completed his Master of Engineering degree in Business Informatics in 2020.

Sami tells about his studies:

Sami Virtala"Since I finished my Bachelor´s degree in engineering, I knew that I want to further educate myself and gain a Master's degree. Master's programme in Business Informatics was exactly what I was looking for.

Business strategy and development combined with business analysis and business development are the things that I'm interested in and wanted to learn more about. I was working with service management and these topics were beneficial to develop myself into more a efficient professional and strengthen these areas even more.

Studying in the Business Informatics programme gave me a lot of knowledge and a different point of view, since working in the projects with other students with different backgrounds brought many new insight into familiar areas.

I also enjoyed the Master's thesis process that combined all the things I had learned before and put everything together. After I have completed the programme I can implement everything I have learned at work.

The programme requires motivation, commitment and ability to structure studies in the way that will suit you best, but it is manageable to do while working fulltime. I can highly suggest studying in the Business Informatics Master´s programme to develop yourself into the top-tier professional."

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