Amila Pramianshar: The 100% remote Procurement study program in makes the learning process smooth

3.2.2020 - 09:00

Amila Pramianshar works as Data Management Specialist at Sievo Oy, Procurement Analytics Software company. Amila studies in Procurement Master's program.

Amila Pramianshar

Amila tells about the studies:

“My decision for pursuing MBA degree in Procurement turned out to be the best decision I have ever made in my life so far especially after having a Master´s in Technology degree.

The 100% remote study program makes the learning process smooth and the support from study administration was really helping me to feel more motivated to explore my studies. This programme, even though fully online, enabled me also a traditional student exchange at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Metropolia Procurement MBA studies gave me also motivation to look for a career change from food and beverages service industry to procurement analytics. Especially the Procurement Technology course provided by Metropolia made me familiar with procurement software companies and therefore I am at the moment as a full-time data management specialist.

Even though it is hard to work and study at the same time, Metropolia has designed the degree program to support your professional growth, it opens you more opportunities, and enables you to have more freedom to plan your studies.”

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