Business Informatics courses proved to be useful in my work already during my studies

3.3.2021 - 09:00

Head of Project Sales and Management Kimmo Kalaja studied Master of Engineering degree in Business Informatics program.

Kimmo tells about his studies:

Kimmo Kalaja

"I strongly believe in the benefits of lifelong learning: one should develop their skills and knowledge throughout the career. This obviously applies also to me as a longtime sales management professional. I also have duties in managing sales tools and processes, such as

I already had a bachelor level degree in both engineering and business. A good combination for my work but I wanted to find some further study opportunities. Business Informatics seemed to be a perfect fit for my work roles – business and informatics - at ABB Oy. With full support from my employer all the way, I was able to complete my studies in 1,5 years while working fulltime.

Writing the thesis was a major part of the studies. This might be a concern when considering if you should study besides your job: will I have the energy to write something like this? I was lucky to have a topic that supported my work and was also of personal interest. Also, the program supported writing the thesis perfectly: a research methods & skills course directed us so that we were already halfway through when the course was completed.

I am writing this testimonial two months after graduation. How do I feel about the program now? I am happy that I was able to complete it within the target schedule. A little bit proud, too. Mission accomplished. The content of the courses proved to be useful in my work already during my studies.

That was exactly what I was looking for: learning new knowledge and skills, not just get the degree. But maybe first and foremost, I remember the good times we had. Every lecturer supported us with what we needed, and clearly wanted us to have good takeaways for later in life. And that’s exactly what we got. Highly recommended."

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