Business Informatics Master's program teaches to think out of the box

Ekaterina AiraksinenEkaterina Airaksinen graduated as a Master in Business Informatics Master of Business Administration in 2020.

Ekaterina tells about her studies:

"The program included very modern-oriented courses, which I utilize in my daily work life now: artificial intelligence, circular economy, transformation and digitalization. Important to mention, that the courses are aimed at practical issues, where one can learn new things from the fellow students and their diverse experience.

The program teaches you to look at the things broader and to think out of the box. One of the advantages studying for Master´s in Metropolia is the convenient timetable, which you can combine with work.

Thanks to Metropolia’s Master program I have found my current job and got a full-time position as a Data Analyst in the international company. The competencies and experience gained from the study allow me to apply the outcomes in a profound and thoughtful way."

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Ekaterina's thesis Defining Benefits of Digitalisation in the Mining and Metals Industry in Theseus service