Business Informatics studies have already benefited me a lot as a professional and person

7.5.2021 - 09:00

Tatu Tarvainen works as Senior Analyst in M-Brain Insight Oy. He completed his Master of Engineering degree in Business Informatics in 2020.

Tatu tells about his studies:

"Quite a few years after completing my Bachelor’s degree in engineering I became interested in developing my analytical and professional skills. I found a couple of promising options in which I also could upgrade my degree in addition to developing my skills.

I decided to apply for this program as the combination of available courses seemed very beneficial to me. The books that I studied for the entrance exam were interesting and I already benefitted a lot by just reading them through and learning their content.

After passing the exam, I began this demanding but extremely useful path to the Master’s degree. The courses available for this program are extremely interesting and well-planned. My favorite course content include strategy, elements of AI and analytics.

I learned much more about the theory and myself during the courses and thesis writing than I expected. It was a very demanding journey that has already benefited me a lot as a professional and person. As a perk, during these studies I met a lot of fun, fellow students and Metropolia staff members with whom I plan to stay in touch.

I highly recommended this program to anybody regardless of the background!"

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