Business Informatics studies have helped to expand my career prospects

1.6.2021 - 09:00

Usman Khanzada works as Client Integration Manager in in4mo Solera. He graduated as Master on Engineering in Business Informatics in 2021.

Usman tells about his studies:

Usman Khanzada"Metropolia opened a world of opportunities for me. It has empowered me to thoroughly unwind myself by growing interpersonal relationships and learning to evaluate the balance between my professional and personal life. I was exposed to wider issues in business education and was taught to critically analyze and examine business integration procedures and service design practices through multiple disciplines.

Graduating from this programme has helped to expand my career prospects and helped me to embrace my new career in In4mo Solera as a Client Integration Manager.

It has also reinvigorated my style of thinking in the business world. I've learned how to prioritize my profession to meet firm deadlines. I further appreciated that teamwork and efficient communication are significant in ensuring that the clients are content with our business solutions. The degree programme enabled me to accumulate skills such as versatility and flexibility in handling unanticipated changes in project management.

A well-crafted curriculum, a multi-disciplinary approach, eminent faculties, mentorship, guest lecturers, and hybrid class schedule is what Business Informatics has to offer."

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