It was thrilling to learn from others in Business Informatics studies

12.12.2020 - 09:00

Anniina Leppänen graduated as Master of Business Administration in Business Informatics in 2019.

Anniina tells about her studies:

"A year ago I graduated from the Master´s programme in Business Informatics and I still remember standing at the Graduation ceremony. I must say, I was very proud and grateful to my teachers who guided and were always supportive and encouraging.

I am interested in technology and currently working as a SAP consultant. I think, the best part about my studies were the discussions we had in the class. It was thrilling to learn from others and work together. Also, I truly enjoyed the courses, learning about new technologies and business - this is exactly what is needed today.

My studies were a personal growth journey, too, with the biggest part being the thesis. As a result of my studies, I gained confidence, improved my skills, learned to have a critical mindset, and also developed "can do" attitude.

Studying in Business Informatics may at times seem challenging, especially when it comes to practical analytics for business. But I learnt new ways of looking at things, seeing new opportunities and having a vision for the future. Working in projects as a subject matter expert, I applied my new skills almost immediately to solving problems and developed new readiness to go forward with my work projects.

I am truly grateful to Metropolia for making my dream of having MBA degree come true. As the world is changing, it is important to know where we are heading and gain knowledge and information to manage there.

I would definitely recommend these studies. “You can do it”, that is all I can say!"

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