Many topics in Business Informatics were directly relevant to my work

2.4.2020 - 09:00

Katja Kokko graduated as Master of Business Administration in Business Informatics in 2019.

Katja tells about her studies:

Katja Kokko.

"My impression is very positive about my studies in Business Informatics. I graduated in 2019, and before that I already was a Bachelor in Marketing from Metropolia Business School (2010). I do like marketing, but also responsible for other areas at work. My key concern is that all functions should work together.

In the Master’s Program in Business Informatics, many topics were directly relevant to my work, and I find my studies very rewarding. I would give 4,5 as my grade to the Program, since there is always room for improvement. Generally, I would say, it is a remarkable sign of the Program that highly experienced teachers, all coming from the industry, are mentoring students in a practical way.

In summary, I wanted to enjoy the studies, so I had a study leave (well planned in advance). For adult students such wonderful opportunities do not come often! Also, every 2nd Friday is a great schedule. All students agreed, it is much better than the evening studies.

My next step is toward ‘Business development’, this is the application area for me. I aim to be a change agent in the organization. BI Program definitely benefited me. I know my stuff, I can negotiated, I am able to take more responsibilities, and my confidence level has risen a lot.

Thank to my instructors, I had enough gymnastics for my brain and sharpened the level of thinking. Thank you, Business Informatics!"

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