Metropolia gives you a strong foundation to deal with practical business challenges

12.12.2020 - 09:00

Sudhindra Bangalore SeetharamSudhindra Bangalore Seetharam graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree in Business Informatics in 2020.

Sudhindra tells about his studies:

"I am glad I went back to school and chose to be a student at Metropolia. This University of Applied Sciences has an excellent ambience and truly is international. The professional students and faculty members are filled with enthusiasm and have always been of great support.

The programme is advanced and touches on recent and relevant areas like digital marketing, integrative project management, business analytics. The programme structure encourages group work, healthy competition, and invokes interest in the subjects with intuitive classes. It gives freedom, yet brings in the discipline.

Advisors are well qualified with rich working experience and bring in real case studies and success stories in every theory to make it easier to understand. Metropolia gives you a strong foundation to deal with practical business challenges.

In this journey, I have built several networks with incredibly talented people. My experiences, especially with my advisors, have been enlightening and are of great help in my management career. I would not be wrong saying that my teachers are my honoured friends today that I can always lean for professional and practical guidance. I gratefully thank them for being few of the best faculties I came across as a student.

My biggest take-away was our study trip to Stuttgart that gave me a real feel of the transformation in Industry 4.0 and brought me close friendships with my fellow students."

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