Metropolia's responsibility report for 2023 has been published - Climate work progresses

13.6.2024 - 08:30

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences has published its sustainability report for 2023. The Sustainability Report brings together the achievements and goals of Metropolia's ambitious sustainability work.

The sustainability report includes, among other things, information on the progress of climate work, people's well-being, sustainability know-how, economic sustainability and solutions to sustainability challenges.

Sustainability Highlights in 2023:

* CO2e elior carbon dioxide equivalent is a joint measure of greenhouse gas emissions by which to sum up the effect of various greenhouse gas emissions on the acceleration of the greenhouse effect. (Source: Statistics Finland.)
** Metropolia’s carbon footprint was 11,670 t CO2e according to the expanded method of calculation.

Metropolia's carbon footprint calculation was developed

Metropolia's goal is to be carbon-neutral by 2030. Metropolia is committed to ambitiously reducing emissions and is actively solving open issues related to emissions reduction and compensation with stakeholders.

Carbon neutrality also requires that the carbon footprint is calculated comprehensively enough. In 2023, Metropolia's sustainability work focused particularly on the development of carbon footprint calculation. For the first time, Metropolia's carbon footprint was calculated using two different methods of calculation: the calculation method shared by universities of applied sciences and a separate, Metropolia's own expanded calculation method.

The calculation method developed jointly by universities of applied sciences allows for more consistent reporting of emissions. A broader, GHG-protocol-compliant (Greenhouse Gas Protocol) calculation provides a more comprehensive perspective on the carbon footprint and enables even more ambitious climate work.

Using two different calculation methods, Metropolia's carbon footprint provided comprehensive information that guides the planning and implementation of effective climate actions.

Read more about the results of the carbon footprint calculation and the progress of emission reduction work in the chapter on ecological sustainability in the sustainability report.

Read the Responsibility Report:

The responsibility report has been published as part of Metropolia's publications for Theseus. The report was written by Laura Pekkarinen and Marianne Vainikka. In addition, texts were requested from specialists across the organisation.

Sustainable development is a cross-cutting theme of Metropolia's strategy. Metropolia's sustainability work is steered by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Metropolia strategy 2021-2030, stakeholder expectations and the sustainability roadmap.