My Master's Thesis Journey: Transforming Sales Onboarding

18.6.2024 - 07:45

Suvi NiemiSuvi Niemi graduated as Master of Business Administration in Business Informatics. She tells about her studies:

"My Master's journey in Business Informatics culminated in a truly rewarding thesis experience. I focused on improving the sales onboarding process at my case company, a leading technology organization. The initial research phase was an eye-opener. Through in-depth analysis, I identified inefficiencies in their current sales onboarding program. This involved interviews with sales managers, new hires, and HR personnel. The insights gained were invaluable in shaping my thesis and recommendations for improvements.

Developing a streamlined onboarding process formed the core of my thesis. By proposing a more structured approach, I aimed to empower new hires and accelerate their sales effectiveness. The proposed framework included elements like improved training modules, mentorship programs, and an onboarding guide. The most gratifying aspect was seeing the practical application of my research. The case company found the results beneficial, and elements of the proposed sales onboarding process have already been implemented. This not only validates my research but also contributes to the success of the organization.

The entire thesis process was a fantastic learning experience. It honed in on my research skills, data analysis capabilities, and communication effectiveness. Most importantly, it demonstrated the impact of business informatics in creating tangible improvements within organizations. Looking back, I can confidently say that my thesis journey wasn't just about completing a degree; it was about making a positive impact in the real world."

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