Nokia and Metropolia strengthen their long-term partnership with an agreement

1.9.2021 - 11:00

Nokia Solutions and Networks Ltd and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences have sealed their long-term cooperation with a cooperation agreement. The agreement was signed on Metropolia’s Myllypuro campus on August 23, 2021.

Metropolia and Nokia have been cooperating for many years. Internships, theses and various projects for ICT students have been a significant form of cooperation. Several graduates also have been recruited to Nokia. Nokia is also a founding member of the Metropolia Foundation and continues to be actively involved in the Foundation's activities.

The aim of the deepened cooperation is e.g. to offer Metropolia's students a wide range of internship and cooperation opportunities and to strengthen Nokia's employer image among students.

“We have in our operations joint interests and goals, which we can support through systematic cooperation. Enabling continuous learning and multidisciplinary solutions for the benefit of our society and human well-being is in the core Metropolia's strategy. Nokia, on the other hand, creates technology that helps the world act together. Both organizations also want to contribute to promoting Finland's country brand and expertise. It is great to finally formalize the cooperation”, says Metropolia's President, CEO Riitta Konkola.

Vesa Kohtamäki, Head of Technology Center Espoo, hopes that the cooperation will rise to a new level with the agreement, for example in attracting foreign experts to Finland. “Through collaboration, we want to give students a view on the future and on the employment path. 19 % of our personnel in Espoo are non-Finnish, so international experts are also very welcome to Nokia. It is a pleasure to go towards the same goals with Metropolia. It is also a concrete advantage to operate in the same campus area in Karamalmi, Espoo”, Kohtamäki says.

Site Project Lead Mikael Lindblad from Nokia and Head of ICT School Janne Salonen from Metropolia coordinate the practical cooperation between Metropolia and Nokia.

Representatives of Nokia and Metropolia side by side on Myllypuro campus

From left: Katariina Rönnqvist and Riitta Konkola from Metropolia, Vesa Kohtamäki and Mikael Lindblad from Nokia, Janne Salonen and Petri Vesikivi from Metropolia.

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