Studying Business Informatics Master propelled my career

14.12.2020 - 09:00

Ville-Veikko KarttunenVille-Veikko Karttunen graduated as Master of Business Administration in Business Informatics in 2020. He works as Finance manager in Rakennuttajatoimisto Valvontakonsultit Oy.

Ville-Veikko tells about his studies:

"Being a work-oriented person, the idea of going back to a university for a Master’s degree was very appealing, but I was not willing to leave my employment behind to study full-time. Once I found out about Metropolia’s Master´s programme in Business Informatics, I knew it was something I had looked for but did not know about.

The way this programme is constructed suits well the individuals such as myself, who want to advance both their career and education simultaneously. On-the-campus lecture days are minimal and on most of the courses, the student is expected to reflect the topic to their own organisation, which helps to understand the topic and own business better. I personally found this approach and study topics very useful and practical. It also propelled my career, given that I was promoted from a controller to finance manager during my studies.

One of the best things about this programme is that it brings together experts from multiple different industries and cultures, which makes the studying environment a much more interesting experience. This programme is also a great place for networking and finding new friends!"

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