Taking the MBA at Metropolia was a worthwhile endeavor

3.1.2023 - 09:00

Violeta TudoseVioleta Tudose completed her Master's Degree in Business Administration in December 2022 after her admission in May 2021 (in 1,5 years).

Violeta tells about her studies:

"My journey was faster than planned, but very intensive and extremely challenging. As a project manager with a software engineering background, I had leadership and technical experience but not the business acumen that could immediately be applied in my current workplace. The MBA Business Informatics programme taught me to think from a business perspective rather than as an engineer.

Not only have I become a more well-rounded leader in my career field, but I had the great opportunity to build personal and professional relationships that last a lifetime.

The core curriculum is well balanced across management, business analytics and leadership. Through courses such as “Strategy, Management and Leadership for Leading Digital Transformation” you gain better understanding of the three interrelated cornerstones of the job of a manager, while the “Digital Transformation in Business“ expands your digital insights and boost your capabilities as a strategic business leader able to implement digital transformation within your organization.

Furthermore, the “Circular economy” course helps you develop your skills as a sustainable leader able to create a valuable environment for business development in a balanced way with nature and society. Of special utility were the Applied Business Analytics platforms I learned to guide my decision-making processes and solve business problems.

Additionally, it was helpful to have top quality, experienced and passionate professors that have given me the confidence and support when needed.

Taking the MBA at Metropolia was a worthwhile endeavor and I would recommend it for the life-long learners who are already in the workforce and want to be more successful in business and in their career."

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