The heterogeneity of our study group challenges thinking

2.2.2022 - 09:00

Esa Vedenkannas studies in Master's Programme in Creativity and Arts in Social and Health Fields.

Esa tells about his studies:

Esa Vedenkannas"I graduated as Bachelor of Culture and Arts (Cultural Management) in 2012. I had worked in the theater world alongside my studies, but after graduation I longed for a more comprehensive and result-oriented view of the event industry. I have worked for ten years now in different positions at, which is Finland's largest ticket sales organization for events.

My passion is to help event organizers to build their audience and touch as many people as possible with their events. I consider it self-evident that a cultural or sports event that is experienced together with other people greatly contributes to the well-being of each of us.

I have realized that in my work, I have to have a more profound understanding of the relations, mechanisms and cause-and-effect relationships between culture and the social and health sector. As the population in Finland is aging, it affects the audience demographics. This why I became interested in CRASH studies.

Studying has been busy, but very rewarding. The heterogeneity of our study group tickles and challenges thinking! In my studies, I strive to find answers to how it would be possible to inspire more inactive visitors to cultural events and promote their well-being in particular."

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Studying Master's degree in Creativity and Arts in Social and Health Fields