The joint application for the Finnish degree programmes has ended - thanks to all the more than 32,000 applicants

31.3.2022 - 11:09

The second joint application in the spring of 2022 ended on Wednesday, March 30. at 2 pm. In the spring's second joint application, Metropolia had approximately over 100 Finnish degree programmes in the fields of culture, business, technology, and social and health care leading to bachelor's and master's degrees.

More than 32,000 applicants applied to Metropolia. More than 10,000 applicants chose Metropolia as their primary choice. In the spring's first joint application, the number of applicants for Metropolia's English-language degree programmes increased by more than 40 percent.

Metropolia’s degree programmes in the field of technology attracted most applicants.

The entrance examinations are held in May - June 2022

The entrance examinations are held in May-June. The entrance examination will be held from 30 May to 3 June 2022. The instructions will be published in Metropolia's website during the spring.

We warmly thank everyone who applied to Metropolia and wish them success in the entrance examinations!

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