The School of Smart and Clean Solutions forms a combination of strong industries and interdisciplinary expertise. We focus heavily on the industrial environment (process and chemistry, bio and food, material and surface, and energy) that combines creative solutions in Electrical Engineering, Automation, Electronics, Environmental Technology and Analytics.

From the point of view of global phenomena, our focus is on Clean and Sustainable Solutions and on Industrial Digitalisation (Industry 4).

Research, development and innovation

Our expertise area strongly invests in the production of expertise and regional impact in addition to internationalization. We are a respected global player that is widely recognized for education, research and service activities.

We apply our expertise successfully to different industries and ecosystems. Well-being, health, production and industry, business, are our specialties.

Our core competencies in research, development and innovation are from a technology perspective:

  • Materials and Surfaces
  • Specialties in Chemical Engineering Processes
  • Bio and Food Technology
  • Algae and Hydro Farming (Urban Farming)
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Traditional and new Energy Technology Solutions (renewable energy sources and energy storage)
  • Electrical Engineering, Electricity Transmission, Smart Grid and Micro Networks
  • Environmental Engineering, System Thinking
  • Cleantech and Circular Economy
  • Automation Technology solutions
  • Industrial automation
  • Robots
  • Autonomous Applications
  • Industry 4 (Industrial Digitalization)
  • Electronics Design and Applications
  • Iot, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Safety
  • Electronics Production

Our industrial assignments are basically prototyping, demonstration and concept development. We also do plenty of different types of tests, analyzes and analytical development. Assignments vary from one-day tests to extensive, cross-sectoral development projects.

Our operations are supported by modern and up-to-date laboratory equipment and instruments.

Educational services

We also provide training services for the development of the organization, the work community as well as our own work and know-how. Our in-service training services are available as a general package or as individually tailored packages. Examples of training services include NDT3 qualification, quality examiner qualification, and various occupational safety card trainings.

If necessary, we also make customized training packages for the most varied needs. We can even customize and organize a separate degree training to serve the needs of the company.

Please contact us

I am available, if you want to hear more about the topic or visit our modern environment.

Jari Olli
Head of School, Smart and Clean Solutions
tel. +358 40 179 8949
jari.olli [at]