Tailor-made training and Consulting services

Metropolia can provide tailor-made training and consulting services for private and public organizations within the fields represented by Metropolia. Programmes are developed in close consultation with our clients. Training can take place in our premises at Metropolia or else where depending on the client's wish. Trainers and experts are teachers of our own college and also external experts if needed.

Here are some examples of courses we provide:

BIM Basics, 5 ECTS

Would you like to learn about BIM (Building Information Modelling)? 

Come and join this five days training to hear more. 

After completion of the course, you are able to:

  • Recall essential contents, summarize and give examples of BIM terminologies, definitions and standards.
  • Explain the fundamentals of building information model/modelling/management (BIM)
  • Describe and utilize BIM methods and tools in construction processes.
  • Define key approaches, uses and advantages of BIM during the whole life-cycle
  • Evaluate and implement BIM processes
  • Develop critical thinking approach in BIM based projects
  • Check and validate BIM information content required for design, construction and operation phases of a project
  • Understand and implement BIM based collaboration approaches for construction project


BIM for Teachers, 5 ECTS

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences offers “BIM for Teachers” package for the teachers. Learn from the Finnish professional teachers about the pedagogical aspects of BIM education, design and implementation.

After completion of the course, participant is able to:

  • Describe different BIM maturity levels
  • Apply pedagogical approaches for BIM teaching and learning
  • List practical challenges of BIM education
  • Use Knowledge, Skills and Competence (K-S-C) matrix for measuring and assessing learner’s BIM competence level
  • Integrate BIM in the existing engineering curriculum
  • Plan and implement standalone BIM course
  • Plan and implement BIM based assignments
  • Explain BIM based information content and management for different project stakeholders
  • Collaborate with the industry for developing and  generating course content based on the industry case studies


BIM for Structural Engineers, 5 ECTS

After completion of the course, participant is able to:

  • Prepare structural domain model on the basis of set targets and definitions given in the architect's model.
  • Prepare and validate structural domain model with accurate and required information content for different uses and phases of a building project.
  • Direct the design towards set targets utilizing the capacity of different kinds of assessment methods for structural design.
  • Prepare relevant visualization models to enable information sharing, decision making and opinion formation.
  • Use structural BIM application for structural documentation and detailing



Ms Päivi Jäväjä, Licentiate of Technology, Master of Engineering

Principal Lecturer construction IT (Metropolia UAS, School of Real Estate and Construction), BIM researcher and lecturer, Head of buildingSMART Finland education business group 


Mr Sunil Suwal, Master of Science (Construction and real estate management), Bachelor of Architecture

BIM lecturer (Metropolia UAS, School of Real Estate and Construction), PhDstudent - BIM education 


Mr Seppo Törmä, D.Sc (Tech) - Computer Science and Engineering, M.Sc (Tech) - Electrical Engineering

Principal Lecturer (Metropolia UAS, School of Real Estate and Construction), BIM researcher and lecturer.


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