Basic Information

To Whom 


Objectives of the course

The aim of this postgraduate course is to provide tools for optimal support on a triple level:

  • Prevention
  • Recovery
  • Revalidation and GRTP


An osteopath looks at the body in a unique way, whereas an athlete uses his or her body in a unique way and explores the limits of the body and mind for prolonged periods. Therefore, osteopathy can provide a supportive approach to the athlete. During this postgraduate course, the participant will learn and apply a thinking framework in order not to miss an essential elements, both for prevention, recovery, revalidation & graduate return to play (GRTP).

When supporting athletes who push their body and mind to the limit, the therapist should be aware of the risks and know how to react fast and accurate. Therefore safety of both participant and athlete are elaborated and safety tests incorporated to react adequate (e.g. fractures, concussion, chocking, cardiac arrest, epilepsy and hypoglycemia). Basic first aid skills are trained (CPR, AED and how to roll an athlete who has a cervical trauma and starts to vomit).

This postgraduate course will teach you a thinking concept that will be put into practice immediately, during the postgraduate itself and at your first day in the clinic after the course. The concept is based on clinical experience and combines both efficiency and effectiveness. The model is no recipe, but the osteopathic concept provides all the needed options for the individual differences in therapist and sport specific athlete. The application of this approach does not only help the professional athlete, but also the recreational amateur and last but not least the participant itself.

During the course, the participant is guided through different topics. Each topic is elaborated and applied to prevention, recovery, revalidation and GRTP.

  • Psychology of the athlete
  • Therapist-Person-Relationship (TPR): take up the responsibility of T&P
  • Inner physician: Tools & mechanisms
  • Cranio-sacral and visceral support of the performing athlete
  • Sex differences
  • Acid-base balance
  • Nutrition & Supplements
  • Auto-techniques
  • Load & load-bearing capacity
  • Multifactorial approach model: application of a combination of different models including biomechanical, biochemical, respiratory-circulatory, biopsychosocial and neurological
  • First aid in sports: safety issues and tests, maneuvers and skills, EAP

Didactical build up:

  • What is an athlete?
  • What different elements build an optimal support?
  • How to link elements into a foundation to provide prevention?
  • How to apply prevention elements in to recovery phases?
  • Optimizing the revalidation and GRTP
  • How not to miss an essential treatment technique?
  • What is essential to an osteopathic treatment in order to be efficient & effective?
  • How to shift from patient to athlete as well as from clinic to arena

Time and place

6th through 7th of March, 2020 between 9 am and 6 pm

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Myllypurontie 1, 00920 Helsinki, Finland


Jöry Pauwels D.O.

Apart from being the principal of the Fico Osteopathy Academy, Jöry Pauwels MSc Ost (DIU) teaches osteopathy and sports, manipulation, visceral and cranial techniques, history and philosophy of the osteopathy, osteopathic gynecology and obstetrics, didactics, biomechanics and vascular osteopathy. Jöry is an experienced and trained teacher, who has taught at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences at several occasions at both graduate and postgraduate level.


540 € (including VAT 24 %)

490 € (price for alumni, including VAT 24 %)


Enroll by 4th of March, 2020.

We will confirm realisation of the course 2 weeks before due date.

Cancellation Terms

We require a written cancellation notification two weeks before the scheduled start of the course. We charge full price for cancellations that are made later than two weeks before the start. In case a participant is unable to attend the course, another participant can take their place.       

If the course, an individual day of the course, or a part of the course has to be cancelled on Metropolia's side, the participant is offered the opportunity to attend a similar implementation at another time, or Metropolia will refund the fees related to the aforementioned course/day of the course/part of the course. Metropolia is not liable for other fees that may fall upon the participant in case of cancellation.


Information about the content of the course

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Practical Arrangements 

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