Osteopathic clinical reasoning and efficient treatment

From symptoms and signs to a working hypothesis and from a set of techniques to an osteopathic treatment.

To Whom


Objectives of the course

  • The participant will learn a complete thinking concept for interpreting signs and symptoms and put it into practice.
  • To compose a set of techniques that embodies the working hypotheses and make the transition from a set of techniques to an efficient and effective treatment.


This postgraduate course offers a fresh perspective for the experienced osteopath and provides a set of framework for the new osteopath.

The participant will learn and apply a thinking framework in order to take into account causal factors, come to a working hypothesis, linking the elements and refining differential diagnostic reasoning. From this working hypothesis, a set framework is provided and applied in order to integrate essential components of a treatment.

The course consists of two parts:

Part 1

  • Introduction and applicable insight in to the symptomatology model: the osteopathic pathological sieve
  • Application of the model on a variety of real clinical cases and cases from the participants

Part 2

  • Introduction and applicable insight of a treatment concept: how to compose a set of adequate techniques and how to transform the set of techniques in to a treatment
  • Application of the model on a variety of real clinical cases and cases from the participants

Didactical build up:

  • How not to miss a cause?
  • How to eliminate causes?
  • How to link working hypotheses?
  • How not to miss an essential treatment technique?
  • What is essential to an osteopathic treatment in order to be efficient and effective?
  • How to transform a set of techniques in to an osteopathic treatment?

Time and Venue

16th through 17th of March, 2018
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Vanha viertotie 23, 00350 Helsinki


520 € (including VAT 24 %)
470 € (price for alumni, including VAT 24%)


Jöry Pauwels D.O.

Apart from being the principal of the Fico Osteopathy Academy, Jöry Pauwels MSc Ost (DIU) teaches manipulation, visceral & cranial techniques, history & philosophy of the osteopathy, osteopathic gynecology & obstetrics, didactics, biomechanics and vascular osteopathy. Jöry is an experienced and trained teacher, who has taught at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences at several occasions at both graduate and post graduate level.

Cancellation Terms

Cancellation is free if done at least 1 month before the course to begin. Cancellation has to be made in writing (email or letter) to the practical arrangements’ coordinator. If cancellation arrives later, the course fee will be charged in full. The participant can be traded.


Practical Arrangements:
Marja Pietiläinen
040 672 5583
marja.pietilainen @ metropolia.fi

Information about the content of the course: 
Sandra Rinne
040 159 1759
sandra.rinne @ metropolia.fi