Metropolia Student Wellbeing Services

Health care services

During the studies in Metropolia the degree students can use the health care services provided by the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).

Exchange students are entitled for the health care services in the public sector in acute cases. They can also use the services of the private health care providers in Finland. Detailed information about the different options are provided to exchange students during the orientation sessions. Learn more about the health care system in Finland.

Student Wellbeing Services at Metropolia

Sometimes we may need external counseling, warm support or just someone to talk with about the studies or everyday life. Student Wellbeing Services are here for you!

Metropolia has a dedicated staff to provide wellbeing services to both degree and exchange students. Metropolia’s Student Wellbeing Services’ team includes Student wellbeing advisors, Study psychologists, Student wellbeing coach and University Chaplains. All of the conversations are strictly confidential and free of charge for all students. Student Wellbeing Services help students with issues related to study ability and stressful life situations.

Study ability and well-being are affected by many different aspects of life such as health, relationships, environment and hobbies. Taking care of wellbeing and study ability plays an important role in coping and progressing with studies.

More information on Student wellbeing services, courses, programs and guidelines to help you maintain your study ability during your studies in the Oma intranet.

Please note, that Student Wellbeing Services do not provide therapy, treatment, psychological testing or assessments or diagnoses or write referrals.

Metropolia does not have campus nurse or doctor available, all health care needs must be arranged through FSHS, public health care or private health care.