Additional studies for obtaining the right to practise as a radiographer

For radiography graduates from abroad.

Basic Information

Study places
Price / Tuition fee
Free of charge

The additional studies for radiographers are aimed at immigrants who have completed a Bachelor's degree in Radiography aborad and who have applied to Valvira for the right to work as a licensed Radiographer in Finland. In these studies, it is possible to complete the theory studies and internships required for qualification by Valvira.

The content of the program

  • Additional studies in accordance with the personal study plan (Valvira). The curriculum is planned together with the degree teacher.
  • Internships in working life required for qualification

Mode of delivery, structure and timing

  • The exact scope and duration of the studies are determined in accordance with Valvira. The qualified person studies the necessary studies together with the degree students, in which case the timing of the teaching is determined according to the teaching schedules of the degree students.
  • Timing of studies: the start time of the studies depends on the required additional studies and the degree education schedule. A personal study plan and schedule for studies will be drawn up for the qualified person.
  • Mode of delivery is both face-to-face and distance learning. Face-to-face teaching takes place at the Myllypuro campus, Myllypurontie 1, 00920 Helsinki.
  • Language of tuition: Finnish
  • Internship periods require full-time employment (40 h/week)

Selection criteria

  • Bachelor's degree in Radiotherapy completed abroad
  • Finnish language skills at level B2 or above (CEFR). Read more about language skills.
  • Valvira's decision on additional studies and internships required for qualification in order to obtain professional rights in Finland
  • Sufficient IT skills to complete studies
  • A student must have a permit to work in Finland

Tuition and other fees

  • The studies are free of charge
  • The participant is responsible for Valvira's application and related decision and document fees

How to apply

Apply for the qualification training for radiographer by filling the e-form

More information

Career Coach Anu-Helena Pitkänen
See Anu-Helena Pitkänen's contact information in People Finder