Clean and Sustainable Solutions

Metropolia has founded a Clean and Sustainable Solutions innovation hub around the socially significant sustainability crisis. The innovation hub implements the development goals in UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

The innovation hub will bring together actors from various fields and sectors – companies, research institutions, cities, organisations, local residents and Metropolia students, lecturers and other experts – to learn and investigate together and to test out and innovate various clean and sustainable solutions to keep the sustainability crisis in check.

The operation of the innovation hub is boosted by the Solutions Arena, a test and cooperation platform that brings together various actors' expertise and networks. The outcomes of close cooperation include new competence, innovation, new products and services and various solutions.

The Clean and Sustainable Solutions theme is founded on low emissions, resource-smart action and especially the circular economy, and the utilisation of various technologies, such as digitalisation and IoT.

The proactive learning and research environment of the Clean and Sustainable Solutions innovation hub and the jointly used experimentation and cooperation platform change learning, research and innovation in a significant way. Thanks to the new operating model, we will be able to boost expertise and business reform in society more systematically and with greater effect:

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Sustainability crisis – a challenge and an opportunity

The global sustainability crisis challenges our current concepts of the economy and wellbeing.  We need a clear change of course in favour of a carbon-neutral circular economy and low-emission, resource-efficient and smart solutions.

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Circular economy at the heart of sustainability crisis solutions

Ensuring sustainable growth requires smart and sustainable use of resources. The circular economy forms the core of resource-smart and sustainable growth, together with a way of thinking and acting that makes the value of products and materials circulate in the economy for as long as possible.

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Circular Economy Learning lane

Studies engage 3UAS students from various backgrounds to work towards a circular economy with companies, especially SMEs.


Intensive course of circular economy

In a development project co-ordinated by Metropolia, we are building an intensive course of circular economy with our international academic partners. 

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Networking environmental engineering

In the development project co-ordinated by Metropolia, we built up an environmental engineering training package with our international academic partners.

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Clean Technology joint courses in Vietnam, Pathway Program

The Pathway Program will provide skills that would be useful also in the labor market as well as specialized studies which would be transferable as part of a future degree studies.

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Research and development

Feathery façades for positive energy housing

Solar energy can be exploited in all surfaces of the buildings more efficiently than currently done with the silicon photovoltaic (PV) solutions, from roof-tops to façades.

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Research and development

Mobile laboratory Sniffer

As a moving tool, it provides a unique platform to study high spatial and temporal characteristics of emissions from traffic.

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Data and technology

Myyrmäki campus to house EIoT laboratory

The Environmental IoTLab combines, among other things, environmental analysis and IoT technology.

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Responsible Consumption

Achieving economic growth and sustainable development requires that we urgently reduce our ecological footprint by changing the way we produce and consume goods and resources.

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Regional development

We do the future - Urban Indoor Food Platform in Metropolia 

Metropolia UAS and Helsinki region have all the building blocks to build a thriving ecosystem for urban food production and technology for Finnish and international market. 

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Experiments and innovation

Suurtalouskeittiön ruokahävikin vähentäminen

Tavoitteena on saada Myyrmäen kampuksen ruokahävikki minimoitua ruokailun etukäteisilmoituksilla. Jos kokeilu onnistuu, käytäntö laajennetaan kaikille Metropolian kampuksille.

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Antti Tohka

Innovation Director Antti Tohka
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Anna-Maria Vilkuna

Director, Research and Development Anna-Maria Vilkuna
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