Functional City for People

It is estimated that by 2050 up to 70% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. Metropolia has founded the Functional city for People innovation hub to address the challenges and opportunities of urbanisation, urban culture and lifestyles. 

Within the vivid discussion on smart cities, the human perspective often seems less addressed. Nevertheless, cities are build for people, and provide backdrop to the daily lives and activities of increasing number of urban citizens.

As acknowledged by the Habitat III New Urban Agenda, public spaces play a crucial role in urban interaction and systemic urban innovation. The functionalities of daily living, services, traffic and work can create a framework for sustainable, inclusive and happy communities.

Metropolia has specialized in finding solutions for future challenges in collaboration with local residents and organisations, as well as learning and co-creating with international research networks. The shared innovations become reality with urbanites and like-minded globally challenging each other to make life better through science and applying it to everyday life.

The innovation hub, located in our Arabia campus, aspires to bring together actors from various fields and sectors, cities and countries to explore and learn together and to innovate and test out various human-centered urban solutions to co-create better cities for us all. 

Although the hub is currently in its starting phase, it is based upon number of ongoing and past projects that fit within its scope and builds the basis for on-going growth of expertise over this phenoma. 

Research and Development

Augmented Participation For More Sustainable Urban Futures

New augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies can boost co-design and make often complex urban planning processes and scenarios easier to understand.

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Research and Development

Campus areas as Labs for Participatory Urban Design

Higher education campuses can serve as local living labs and guides for new planning and design approaches. Six cities around the Baltic Sea utilised participatory design methods in developing their local campuses.

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Research and Development

Design for a Cycling City

Students have met the challenge of sustainable urban transportation by creating novel service concepts and quick prototypes to spark the public discussion - and, in some cases, to see their handiwork realised in the cityscape!

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As part of Helsinki Design Week Programme, Open Campus welcomes you to our new Arabia campus. Come and join the discussion about the designer’s active role in the future.



Director Mona Roman
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Director, Research and Development Anna-Maria Vilkuna
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