Future Work and Competences

Ongoing projects


The objective of the StageRight project is to improve the supply and the quality of education in the live performance field. The primary objective of the project is to develop an extramural education system, in which the employees in the field could complete parts of degrees and diplomas.

INNO-TEC-LAB Development of opportunities in the field of design for technical careers through innovation-laboratories

project aims to create and validate an interdisciplinary model to support innovation in the field of design in technical careers through a network of innovation laboratories that will be connected to each other and will serve to improve learning tools, knowledge exchange, training of learners and researchers.

3AMK Entrepreneurship Society Alliance

Through the collaboration of three entrepreneurship societies LaureaES, Xes Helsinki and MetES in major universities of applied sciences, we want to strengthen the entrepreneurial atmosphere and create a community of able future entrepreneurs in Helsinki and the larger urban area.

Development and strengthening of RDI collaboration in the Uusimaa region

The project promotes RDI knowledge increasing European funding in the region.

Developing Competence Center Functions for the Helsinki region

Metropolia’s career coaches and experts will provide international professionals with guidance and tools to improve their career prospects and access to the job market in Finland. Metropolia also provides tailored education tracks, Career Boost programmes, which include recognition of competence and modular studies to complement professional competence.

Completed Projects

YTYÄ - Promoting entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial activity and working life skills

The project, funded by the Ministry of Education and Science, is reforming education by taking into account the needs of working life skills and bringing universities and working life closer together. In addition, the project will increase the number of innovative talent and entrepreneur-friendly and skilled experts.

Design It

Erasmus + funded project aims at encouraging innovation, creativity among Higher Education students supporting them in bringing ideas into action. Our solution is providing Higher Education educators with methods and gamified tools for design thinking.

Finnish Design Academy – Reforming Finnish Design Education

Project develops a new kind of collaboration model that aim to strengthen the role of university level design education at the Finnish innovation ecosystem. The goal is to develop designer’s skillset so that it better answers to the needs and demands of working life nowadays and in the future.

CREATHON* - When Tech meets Culture

Creathon ESF boosts creative sector by increasing technological competences and finding new ways to deepen the connection between creative and ICT sectors in the educational structures of universities of applied sciences.

illuminatED - Illuminating Effective Teaching Strategies with the Science of Learning

A project to empower teachers with cognitive neuroscience informed educational practices.

Virtual Writers Room

The Virtual Writers’ Room project aims to educate young scriptwriters in difficult employment situations to work in professional scriptwriting groups.

Re:start – Skills, degrees and work

ESR funded project aims to promote employment of young people under the age of 30.

SIMHE path - From Recognizing and Supplementing Competences to Employment

The aim of the project is to bring visible the competences of the highly educated immigrants, and to develop an educational model promoting employment and supplementing competences from regional needs (the Northern Finland, the Eastern Finland and the capital region), which can also be adapted to other higher education institutions.

Chips For Game Skills

Chips For Game Skills -project focuses on identifying the needs of the game industry and develop the education on the basis of them. The goal is to create a common evaluation criteria – a digital open badge system – which clarifies the definition and understanding of the learning objectives in the games industry.

Oiva - Identifying and applying one's own competence in new professional contexts

The ESF-funded project uses practical experiments to explore how students are helped to identify their own competencies and to provide an interface to something unexpected that does not stem from the tradition of their own field.

DuuniPolulta yrittäjäksi

The project develops a new model through which young immigrants can participate in working life, learn about entrepreneurship and test an existing business idea.

KOKOMA - Entrepreneurial skills for highly educated immigrants

The ESF-funded project will develop an online course for highly educated immigrants. It supports the development of entrepreneurial skills and the professional Finnish language, as well as accelerating placement in the labor market.

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International talents accelerating growth

The Talent Boost AIKO project, funded by the Council of Tampere Region, developed the attraction, integration and employment of international talents in the Helsinki region. The higher education institutions in the project created solutions to e.g. increase employment among international degree students.

ASSET- Audience Segmentation System in European Theatres

The project develops, tests and provides theatres/performing arts organizations across Europe with the tool and skills to learn about their audiences and utilize the findings to diversify and deepen the relationship with their audiences and creating their artistic [EZ1] program and marketing.

SIMHE Continuation

The SIMHE Continuation project aims to develop an integrated career guidance and Finnish language-learning model to improve international degree students’ employability in Finland.

FilmTerm project

The goal of the FilmTerm 2020 conference is to introduce the results of the FilmTerm project; to present a multilingual film terminology database and exhibit its functions both in the scope of film schools and industry; to create a common vision for film terminology research; and urge filmmakers and researchers worldwide to get involved in the development of a comprehensive multilingual database.


Spotlighters is a project that aims to inform educators and students of the potential long-terms effects of stress and provides them with the competences to reduce these potential complications from arising.

SIMHE App II project

The aim of the SIMHE App II project is to expand on the previously developed SIMHE App application.


Leena Unkari-Virtanen

Leena Unkari-Virtanen
Senior lecturer, Music team, Contact person (Future work and competences)
Leena.Unkari-Virtanen [at] metropolia.fi (Leena[dot]Unkari-Virtanen[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
tel. +358 40 334 5992

Mona Roman.

Mona Roman
Innovation Director
mona.roman [at] metropolia.fi (mona[dot]roman[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
tel. +358 40 555 1044

Anna-Maria Vilkuna.

Anna-Maria Vilkuna
Director, RDI
anna-maria.vilkuna [at] metropolia.fi (anna-maria[dot]vilkuna[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
tel. +358 40 334 7929