Data-driven Construction

Digitalization enables collecting efficient, real-time and inclusive information for the needs of construction and real estate industry. This collected information is accumulating data that can be analyzed and utilized for example in optimizing the construction process or in different phases of the construction lifecycle. This is how we ensure economically, ecologically and socially sustainable digital solutions in the built environment.

Our activities core themes:

  • Smart Buildings
  • Digitalization of Construction
  • Energy Transition

The Data Driven Construction project entity aims to be a highly desirable hub in national and international Built Environment Innovation Ecosystem. The project entity brings together actors from different fields and sectors - companies, research institutes, cities, organizations, residents of the region as well as Metropolia students, lecturers and other experts - to learn, research, develop and innovate together.

Metropolia Myllypuro smart campus and SmartLab -smarthome testbed are unique collaboration platforms offering the framework for quick experimentation, testing and piloting and a physical location for new kind of active cooperation between public entities, businesses, organisations and citizens. Platforms will also play a key role in speeding up learning.

We are actively searching for new partners in our network, welcome to innovate and rebuild the construction industry with us!


Anna-Stina Tähkävuori

Innovation Director
Anna-Stina Tähkävuori
anna-stina.tahkavuori [at] (anna-stina[dot]tahkavuori[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
Tel. +358 40 670 8525

Anna-Maria Vilkuna.

Director, RDI
Anna-Maria Vilkuna
anna-maria.vilkuna [at] (anna-maria[dot]vilkuna[at]metropolia[dot]fi)
tel. +358 40 334 7929