Multicultural, -sectoral and -professional co-creative learning projects in the field of healthcare and health technology (3DL Health Tech)

The aim of the project is to consolidate co-operation between higher education (HE) institutions, public and private and health care and health technology organisations (HTE) in the means of small scale co-creative learning projects.

The project aims

  1. To develop co-creative learning projects between HE institutions and health technology enterprises that serve both parties: student’s learning and HT enterprise needs.
  2. To foster interprofessional, international and cross sectoral co-operation in the fields of health care, health business and health technology research and development.
  3. To implement this way of working/pedagogic model as a part of HE and HTE normal practices.

In the project, students and teachers from Metropolia and SIT will work co-creatively with health care and health technology enterprises in small scale research and development projects as a part of their curricular studies.

The teachers and students come from multi-disciplinary programmes, including Bachelor and Master-level programmes in health technology, medical technology, radiography, biomedical laboratory science and health business management as well as into bachelor programmes in applied artificial intelligence, interactive and immersive digital media. By this means, students can learn in authentic working life learning environments and in addition to learning their substance, also learn multiprofessional and -cultural skills. By working co-creatively also teachers and enterprise staff can learn a lot from each other and their students.


  • Metropolia University of Applied sciences (coordinator)
  • Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Additional information

Project manager Eija Metsälä eija.metsala [at] (eija[dot]metsala[at]metropolia[dot]fi)