ICI Project - Inclusive Comprehensive Internationalisation: Enhancing global learning opportunities for ALL students

ICI project aims to provide intercultural and global learning opportunities for all students, regardless of their background or orientation and support them in their development of globally responsible professionals and citizens.

The ICI project works to enhance the quality of international learning experiences by developing an inclusive comprehensive approach to internationalisation which includes virtual and blended international learning opportunities.

This is achieved by:

  • Creating enhanced awareness and engagement at HEIs pertaining the need for an inclusive and comprehensive approach to internationalization
  • Enhancing the capability of actors within HEIs (academic staff, educational developers, administrative staff and students) to act as co-creators of inclusive, comprehensive approaches to internationalisation and to collaborate across the boundaries of their own area of professional expertise, academic discipline, and of different international and intercultural contexts.
  • Promoting critical approaches to internationalisation, aimed at evaluating the inclusivity of an institution and at uncovering the ‘hidden’ messages that contradict or undermine the inclusivity of the internationalisation activities.
  • Promoting the adoption of virtual and blended modalities for digital, comprehensive and inclusive approach to internationalisation ensuring long-term quality, coherence and efficiency.

Further information

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Contact Details

Tiina Piipponen
International Relations Adviser / Project Manager
tiina.piipponen [at] metropolia.fi (tiina[dot]piipponen[at]metropolia[dot]fi)

Niina Huovinen
Head of International Relations
niina.huovinen [at] metropolia.fi (niina[dot]huovinen[at]metropolia[dot]fi)