IlluminatED Erasmus+

This project has ended.

Project on neuroscience and learning

Project Illuminated was an Erasmus+ Programme project (2017-2020) that brought together experts in education technology, teacher development and cognitive neuroscience to support teachers in making use of knowledge from neuroscience in their teaching practice.

The outcomes of the project

The IlluminatED team developed a range of Open Educational Resources (OER) – resources that can be reused by anyone at no cost. These OER include:

The Neuroscience of Learning for Teachers (Online Course)

The self-paced online course (opens to features neuroscientists from the University of Helsinki who share insights into understanding and enhancing learning.

The course is available in four languages:

The course consists of three modules:

  1. Introduction to the Science of Learning
  2. Empirical Evidence on Learning
  3. Good Habits to Enhance Learning

Science of Learning Concepts for Teachers (eBook)

The e-book introduces teachers to key concepts from the Science of Learning and provides an extensive list of references for those looking to deepen their knowledge about the Science of Learning.

The e-book links open on and they are available in

Illuminated Trainers’ Toolkit for Teacher Workshops

The toolkit provides resources for those wanting to deliver workshops on the neuroscience of learning to teachers. The toolkit includes speaker notes, activities, and a facilitator’s guide for two continuing professional development workshops for teachers.

The toolkit is available on project Illuminated webpage in

Science of Learning Strategies for Students (Workshop)

The free digital materials are for teachers wanting to teach their students about evidence-based learning strategies that align with the Science of Learning. The workshop materials (slides with speaker notes, online surveys) are appropriate for high school and undergraduate students.

The materials are available on project Illuminated webpage in

The IlluminatED team organized learning activities with educators and students throughout Europe. The consortium held 29 different workshops enrolling more than 400 participants (from all partner countries and Egypt).

The Illuminated consortium

The project was coordinated by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain) in collaboration with European partners including the University of Helsinki, the University of Western Macedonia (Greece) and the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences of Helsinki (Finland), as well as Portuguese companies Advancis and Boon.

While Project IlluminatED came to an end on 30 September 2020, the project consortium continues to work together on a related project that focuses on Social and Emotional Learning (Project Spotlighters).

More information on Project IlluminatED can be found on


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