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IlluminatED Erasmus + (Illuminating Effective Teaching Strategies with the Science of
Learning. A project to empower teachers with cognitive neuroscience informed
educational practices) 2017–2020

Why this project on neuroscience and learning?

EU supports development for effective teacher education (2014). This education of teachers
includes both the teacher education and the continuous professional development of teachers.
Both approaches should be based on sound pedagogical research”.

This project focuses on the gap between teaching practice and cognitive neuroscience
supported teaching and learning practices.

The illuminated consortium includes the following countries and expertise

The project is a collaboration that brings different areas of expertise and different national
perspectives on teacher development together to cooperate and exchange experiences in an effort
to develop, disseminate and support the continued use of innovative approaches to raise quality in
teaching, training and learning.

The consortium includes the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain), University of Western
Macedonia (Greece), Advancis (Portugal), Boon (Portugal), the University of Helsinki (Finland) and
Metropolia UAS (Finland).

The Outcomes of the project are

MOOC on neuroscience and learning, designed and implemented by Helsinki University (content)
and Metropolia (technical design and planning). He pedagogical design was executed together with
all participnats – see and register. About the course see a Trailer video. Description of Trainers’ Toolkit

Metropolia’s main contributions in close collaboration with Helsinki University are in MOOC design
and implementation, teacher workshops and video productions. Merja Bauters, Hannu Markkanen,
Matti Peltomäki and Frans Pakkala from Metropolia and Mari Tervaniemi, Minna Huotilainen and
Tanja Linnavalli.

See a video on the importance of sleep


Principal Investigator merja.bauters [at]

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