Mold Sensor

The project is over.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and its Electria R&D unit has started the 18-month Mold Sensor project in April 2012. The project is funded by TEKES.

The aim of the project is to develop a rapid point of care feasible test kit for measuring mycotoxins in indoor air more accurately than those qualitative methods used today. The measuring method is based on antibodies and antigens, and it has good mold specific features.

The new mold sensor test kit fits between the currently used time and labor intensive laboratory tests and inaccurate visual and odor-based test methods on site. The new test kit will allow continuous monitoring making it suitable for constant controlling of mold, especially in public buildings.

The project is a joint project combining the knowhow of Electria, Laboratory Sciences and Construction Engineering in Metropolia.

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