Practical Approach for Teaching Circular Economy


The project ended on October 1, 2018.

Many companies have circular economy thinking in their strategies. The transition is complex and requires a whole new way of re -design, new skills and a change in mindsets of people, especially coming specialists making eco-effective decisions. This Practical Approach for Teaching Circular Economy -development project is based on the results of the NordPlus Network Circular Economy Future 2016, the participating institutes of which are EETTK University of Applied Sciences from Tallinn, Estonia, LV-Liepaja University from Liepaja, Latvia, LVVidzeme University of Applied Sciences from Valmiera, Latvia, LT-Kaunas University of Technology from Kaunas, Lithuania and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences from Helsinki, Finland.

The aims of this project are to develop a joint curriculum for teaching circular economy, find out best pedagogical practices and connect labor market to development work and teaching of circular economy. Created different sized circular economy modules and best pedagogical solutions will be gathered into a common toolbox. Modules and didactic solutions can thereby be used in appropriate combinations for specific purposes.

The direct use of the development project’s results will be related to development of curricula of partner universities in respect of circular economy issues. The long term target of the project is to involve external target groups like relevant employers' representatives and organizations. The site visits to the companies, which have circular economy strategies in their work lives will take place during the foreseen workshops.

The workshops’ circular economy presentations will be recorded and broadcasted to the partner institutions’ personal to follow. Labor market’s representatives are invited to participate workshops e.g. Chemical Industry Federation’s and Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra’s specialists. Dissemination of the project’s results will also be made by presentations in International seminars or conferences e.g. University Industry Innovations Networks’ annual conference or in International Engineering and Technology Education Conference.

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