KidMove - Athlete-centered coaching practices

In KidMove-project we collect and co-create good athlete centered coaching practices, especially for junior coaching on the grassroot level. The good athlete centered coaching practices emphasize the possibilities for young athletes to be seen, heard and respected as their own. The goal is to enhance the joy and motivation of sports and reduce the drop out from sporting activities by enhancing the social inclusion, equal opportunities and prevention of sport-related injuries. KidMove-project combines the existing evidence based theory to the knowledge and experience of coaches in the sport clubs and organizations.


KidMove - Athlete-centered coaching practices (2019-2020) is an international project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Sport Programme of the European Union and coordinated by Metropolia UAS.


It is important to enhance and share the good coaching practices


Sporting activities promote physical and mental wellbeing and brings people and communities together. Despite the fact that sports club membership have a positive effect on children’s wellbeing, there is high-rate of drop out from organized sports between 11 and 15 years of age. The reasons behind the drop out are i.e. lack of fun and playing time, coaches’ poor pedagogical skills, too much pressure, overemphasis on winning and physical factors, such as sport related injuries.

Adults behind the sporting activity should not lose sight of the fact that children play for enjoyment. The atmosphere, having fun and getting good feelings, learning new skills, staying healthy, getting a sense of belonging and support are very important reasons for young athletes to participate in sporting activities.

We know that good coaches, good practices and good sports clubs and other sports-related organizations exist. That’s why it is important to enhance and share the good coaching practices and know-how of the coaches. It is also important to show what makes a coaching practice good and combine the good coaching practices with the pedagogy, evidence-based theory and research.


The partners are:

Icehearts ry from Finland                    
Sportunion Steiermark from Austria  
Special Heroes and Windesheim UAS from Netherlands  
Masaryk University and Bulldogs Brno from Czech Republic  
University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw and AZS-AWF Wroclaw from Poland  


More information:

Project Coordinator
Anita Ahlstrand



photo. Pixabay/vait_mcright